Dan Weatherer

​Author  Playwright

Dan will be appearing at the Acoustic Festival of Britain at Uttoxeter Racecourse on Sunday, June 3rd, where he will give an informal talk on his work, host a Q & A session and deliver select readings.

Dan is published in a wide variety of genres across a multitude of presses.

Predominantly an author of short fiction, Dan has three short story collections available to purchase.

His debut novel "English Gothic" is currently under agent consideration.

You'll be able to purchase paperback/hardback/ebook copies of all Dan's titles by visiting the Fiction/Non Fiction pages on this site.

For a full publishing history visit the Awards/Publications page.

Titles Available Now

"Dark? Absolutely. Twisted? Damn straight. But utterly readable, and a very ample and accomplished demonstration that Dan’s skills have been honed and sharpened in this second collection of truly chilling tales."

"Weatherer is very good at setting scene, and creating creepy atmospheres, which is quite remarkable considering some stories are only a few pages long."

"I've been a fan of Clive Barker since the Books of Blood and Dan Weatherer hits the same dark places of the human psyche with this absolute bargain of a collection."


"In Neverlight, Weatherer has crafted a selection of stories that are so compelling, haunting and unusual that I found it impossible to be anything but impressed."

"There are some terrific ideas in here and the language is highly evocative of Victorian England. The overall theme of the collection hangs together well and is bordering on Lovecraftian at times."

"The thing with Weatherer's story telling is that his voice and his stories are timeless, in such a way that some feel modern and some have the feel and style of the likes of Lovecraft."

Upcoming Events

A published Playwright, Dan has had his work performed in cities such as London, San Francisco and Bath. He is a Blackshaw Showcase finalist and a two time Congleton Players One Act Festival finalist.

Dan has an array of scripts in various stages of development. Please check the Stage page to keep up to date with his latest theatre developments.

As part of the schools Vocation Day on Thursday, 16th June, Dan will be hosting a story writing workshop at the school. He will also be reading one of his children's tales to the Reception class.


"A great account of the paranormal and an interesting insight into this area of work."

"The author has a way of making the stories flow seamlessly into your mind, and makes you feel you are seeing the events unfold firsthand, rather than reading them."

"To write something familiar, put an original slant on it and make it feel like something totally new takes a particular skill, and this author appears to have done it effortlessly."

"I read this in two sittings and was surprise how fast the book disappeared; its that good! Turn of your mobile, switch on the bedside lamp and get prepared for a great set of short stories!"


Reader Testimonies

Dan will be attending the finals of the Congleton Players One Act Festival on Saturday, June 11th at the Daneside Theatre. 

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